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Krazy Kon is an internationally acclaimed DJ, CD series producer and promoter. He is an innovator, a creator, a legend who bas been at the top of his industry for over 23 years now and in this time has built an entertainment empire.

As a DJ his work is known around the world having headlined club events both nationally and internationally. He has played 16 international shows including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston & Tampa plus over 125 national shows across all of Australia. As a producer and from his idealogy has come his iconic Greece Mix CD series. He has now released 20 albums, recieved 2 ARIA charts and 7 iTunes charts with his CDs now available as a worldwide release on iTunes.

As a promoter he has led the Greek nightlife movement for 20 years with innovatice concepts & venues. in recent years he has organised succesful tours for Greek artists such as Ilias Vrettos, Konstantinos Koufos, Thanasis Vasilakos, Knock Out, Master Tempo & Vegas to name a few.

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