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SKU: m0014
Category: Music
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Summer Sessions is the highly anticipated 12th instalment in the iconic CD series from Greek-Australian DJ/Producer Krazy Kon. The new release features 23 hot summer tracks in an uplifting and happy 72 minute non-stop super mix that will have you dancing all night long.

It features hits from Eleni Fouriera, Nikiforos, Kyriakos Kianos, Master Tempo, Demy, Nikos Ganos, Notis Sfakianakis, Nikos Vertis, Melisses, Lefteris Pantazis, Dionisis Shinas and the new song ‘Ginetai’ from Pandelis Pandelidis.

The new cd is available at all good music stores, iTunes (Worldwide) and online at

1. FTANO STO THEO – Nikiforos
2. ELEGES – Melisses
3. LIONO GIA SENA – Hristina Salti
4. O ILIOS – Alex Leon featuring Demy
5. SALAM ALAIKUM – The Marty vs Haritidis
6. NEA MERA – Oge featuring Nikos Ganos
7. WATCHING OVER YOU – Claydee & Dimension X
8. PERNO FOTIA – Master Tempo featuring Sin
9. PES POS ME THES – Tns featuring Eleftheria Eleftheriou
10. RANDEVOU STIN PARALIA – Eleni Fouriera
11. MYKONOS – Dionisis Shinas
12. GINETAI – Pandelis Pandelidis
13. EKI POU ISE IMOUN – Andipas
14. APISTOS – Lefteris Pantazis
15. KANE DOULIA SOU – Hristos Menidiatis
16. THEN THA KATSO NA PETHANO – Master Tempo featuring Thanos Petrelis
17. DILONO MONOS – Notis Sfakianakis
18. EGO KE ESI – Nikos Vertis
19. SINGENTROSOU – Sakis Arseniou
20. POSO SE THELO – Kyriakis Kianos
21. EDO TELIONI – Nikos vertis
22. O ALLOS EAITOS SOU – Yiannis Ploutarhos
23. EGO KI I MONAXIA – Notis Sfakianakis

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